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My Programs

This is where you can download Visual Basic 6.0 programs that I have made.  If you run the program and a message appears telling you that you need a DLL or OCX, first have a look at ActiveX Controls and Miscellaneous Files.  If the file is not on that page, please contact me and I will add the file.

Icon Program OCXs Used
(see ActiveX Controls table)
Size Version Text File Screen Shot Source Code
Autorun Autorun A;M 12.1 KB 2.3.3 Autorun.php Screen Shot Click Here
Clock Clock A;D;W 9.6 KB 3.0.3 Clock.txt Screen Shot Click Here
Day Discoverer Day Discoverer E 5.26 KB 1.1.2 Daydisc.txt Screen Shot Click Here
Doom Launcher Doom Launcher A;C;D;F;I;M 26.9 KB 1.1.5 Doom_Launcher.txt Screen Shot  
Extension Discoverer Extension Discoverer A 6.71 KB 1.1.0 Extdisc.php Screen Shot  
File Viewer File Viewer A;F;T 7.74 KB 3.0.0 File Viewer.php Screen Shot Click Here
Folder Customiser Folder Customiser A;D;F;N 22.7 KB 2.0.5 FC.txt Screen Shot  
Image Tile Viewer Image Tile Viewer A;D 7.1 KB 1.0.6 Imgtile.txt Screen Shot  
List Media Player List Media Player A;P 8.11 KB 2.1.9 WARM2.txt Screen Shot Click Here

The above programs require the Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime files to be installed.  Download and install them if you haven't got them.  You will also need the OCX files that are listed in the 'OCXs Used' column.  E.g. if you are looking for control 'M', look at the first table on the ActiveX Controls and Miscellaneous Files page and choose control 'M', which is 'Kupex INI Tools 1.0'.

The programs below will install these files for you as they are included in the setup program.

The above programs are listed at: Softpedia

Programs with Setups

Icon Program Size Version Information Screen Shot Listed At
File Splitter File Splitter 1.99 MB 1.0.1 fs.php Screen Shot  
HTML Editor HTML Editor 2.28 MB 1.2.7 htmledit.php Screen Shot ;Listed at
Land Forger 738 KB 1.4.6 Link to martin2k Software Screen Shot  
Lump Tool Lump Tool 806 KB 1.0.7 lumptool.php Screen Shot  
Multi Media Player Multi Media Player 2.83 MB 4.2.0 mm.php Screen Shot  
  Random Image Generator 146 KB 1.0.0 Link to forum Screen Shot  
Shopping List Shopping List 763 KB 2.3.6 shoppinglist.php Screen Shot  
Unleashed Unleashed 1.16 MB 2.6.3 unleashed.php Screen Shot  
Waffle Waffle 552 KB 2.3.10 waffle.php Screen Shot  

These programs are freeware.  If you find them useful, please feel free to donate by clicking on the PayPal button below.

In the unlikely event that these files cause adverse effects on your computer, I accept no responsibility for what they may do - use these files at your own risk.
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