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From: Griffiths, Michael D, SFC, OSD
Date: Tuesday 20 March 2001 5:12 AM
Subject: New Jack on Board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Question: My name is Michael and I bumped up on your site with it's tips. I am a new jack to VB and I have never written a program.
I reside in Washington D.C. and I work there for the Dept. I am starting a college class, and VB is the first class I am taking. Your site has given me the chance to really see what you can do wih Visual Basic. If it all possible could you send some more basis tips you have done to get an idea of what the finished product looks like. This will sort of enhance my direction on what level I can take this to.
As you can see where I am sending this from, you get the picture.
Also could Cc.. a copy to my home e-mail, ...

Looking foward to hearing from you and having a chance to take off with this.

Mike Griff

If you tell me what you are learning in your class, I can put up tips that will suite you so that they help you as much as possible. E.g. If statements, Do & Loop statements, Functions etc.  This site is getting updated all the time and as people send in their projects, forum posts and questions, there will me more and more information for other people to learn from.

Archived Comments

From: Guillermo
Date: Saturday, January 20, 2007 at 23:46:33
Comments: it's 3 years now since ifirst learned visual basic. i had a teacher for 2 weeks and he taought me things like message boxes, what a button was and that sort of things. everything else i learned on my own (it's not much, but it includes a bit of functions, drivers, folders and txt files management, loops, text boxes and much more). maybe i can help someone solve a small problem, so feel free to e-mail me whenever u need a hand. i use msn messenger, but i don't have internet at home so u won't see me online very often, but i do check my e-mails every day or every 2 days.
From: Ted Belben
Date: Saturday, February 14, 2004 at 20:22:23
Comments: Hi:

I just used your code on "See if Files, Folders and Drives Exist" and it functions fine for me.  Since I am new to BV, I was wondering if you could include additional code on your website - how to create folders using the same sctipting format.  Maybe you could E-Mail it to me in the interm.



You can use the MkDir statement to create folders e.g.:

MkDir "C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP\A new folder"
From: Md Baktiar Hossain Khan
Date: Saturday, August 2, 2003 at 11:13:04
Comments: i like to be benefited by your tips.
From: Prasanna
Date: Friday, January 24, 2003 at 18:45:10
Comments: hai,

  I am Prasanna Venkatesh..I am working in VB platform for last one Year.I need to improve my self in this environment.As this site is Useful for my personal developement and I need some of other Advances tip to improve my developing Skill I nned some of Tips................

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