How do I pause execution until file has finished playing using the MediaPlayer control?



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From: Geoff Bird
Date: Fri 12/07/2002 21:44
Subject: Media PLayer in VB6
Question: Hello,

I was wondering if you could help me. I have seen your excellent media player on the web and I wondered if I could ask you a question. When using the mediaplayer, is there a way to suspend program execution until the file being played has finished.

So that if you write

then the file would play until the end.

Thanks very much for any help you could give,

Geoff Bird

The following code may help you with this problem:

MediaPlayer1.FileName = "C:\WINDOWS\MEDIA\ONESTOP.MID"
Me.Enabled = False

Do While MediaPlayer1.PlayState = mpPlaying

Me.Enabled = True
MsgBox "song has finished"

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