How do I search for files and replace strings within them?



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From: reena
Date: Wednesday 25 July 2001 12:30 PM
Subject: looping within folder-sub folder-files
Question: martin,
received your reply. but now my problem has changes a bit which is as follows-
i have a folder which contain many folder as well files within it. i want that when i give search-replace critieria it should open the main folder and then open the sub-folder, this sub-folder may contain sub-folder's in it. i want that i can open the files in the sub-sub-folder search for some text in the file and replace it with other text. after finishing this it should go to the next file in the sub-sub-folder and repeat the same search-replace critieria. after doing this , it should return to the next sub-folder in the folder and again repeat the same thing. hope you understand what i mean to say.please reply soon.

Answer by Martin Allen:

I have created a project that will allow you to do this - see project 3 at the Projects page.

When you open the project, you can change the path and filetypes that are searched.

I hope that this will solve your problem.

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