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List Media Player is one of the first programs I made.  It is simply a way of browsing through your drives and folders to find media files to play - either sound or video.  The actual player is on a separate Form, which allows for free resizing.

Due to several people asking for the source code, I decided to write this page to explain how the program was made.  You can also look at the source code in this file:
(5.34 KB)

This project uses two ActiveX controls - Windows Media Player (msdxm.ocx) and Allen OCX (allenocx.ocx).  If you do not have the Windows Media Player control, you will need to download and install Windows Media Player 6.4 (3.42 MB) from Microsoft.  If you are running Windows XP, you should already have this installed.  Allen OCX should be put onto the first Form.

The rest of the controls on the first Form are a FileListBox (called Files), a DirListBox (called Folders), a DriveListBox (called Drives), a ComboBox (called cmbFileTypes) and a CheckBox (called chkRepeat).  You can change the appearance of the controls to match the following screenshot if you wish:

The List Media Player Form
The List Media Player Form

This Form has its BorderStyle property set to 1 - Fixed Single and the MinButton property set to True.

If you want to create the Help menu, the menu items are as follows:

Caption Name Shortcut Key
&Help mnuHelp
...&What to do mnuHelpWhatToDo F1
...&About mnuHelpAbout Ctrl+F1

The List property of the cmbFileTypes ComboBox contains the following text:

All types

The second Form looks like this:

The second List Media Player Form containing the Windows Media Player Control
The second List Media Player Form containing the Windows Media Player Control

There is one control on this Form - a Windows Media Player Control called Videoscreen.  The Form itself is called frmVideoform.

Back to the first Form; the code in the Form_Load event is as follows:

Private Sub Form_Load()
On Error GoTo Default

chkRepeat.Value = GetSetting("Martin Allen", "WARM2", "Repeat", 1)
cmbFileTypes.ListIndex = GetSetting("Martin Allen", "WARM2", "FileType", 0)


Folders.Path = GetSetting("Martin Allen", "WARM2", "Path", App.Path)
Drives.Drive = Folders.Path
Exit Sub

Folders.Path = App.Path
Drives.Drive = App.Path
cmbFileTypes.ListIndex = 0
chkRepeat.Value = 1

End Sub

Firstly, settings are retrieved from the registry - the value of chkRepeat, the ListIndex property of the cmbFileTypes ComboBox and the Path of the Folders control.  If an error occurs when trying to do this, default values are set.

The code to browse though the DriveListBox and DirListBox is as follows:

Private Sub Drives_Change()
On Error GoTo Eror

Folders.Path = Drives.Drive
Files.Path = Folders.Path
Exit Sub

Drives.Drive = App.Path
End Sub

Private Sub Folders_Change()
Files.Path = Folders.Path
End Sub

If an error occurs when attempting to access a drive, this error is trapped and the Drive is set to the drive that contains the program i.e. App.Path.

When the user clicks on the cmbFileTypes ComboBox, this sets the Pattern property of the FileListBox.  If 'All types' is chosen, the FileListBox displays all the file types that can be played:

Private Sub cmbFileTypes_Click()
If cmbFileTypes.Text = "All types" Then
    Files.Pattern = "*.wav;*.snd;*.au;*.aif;*.aifc;*.aiff;*.mid;*.rmi;*.mp3;*.m3u;" _
    & "*.m1v;*.mp2;*.mpa;*.mpe;*.mpeg;*.asf;*.asx;*.mov;*.qt;*.ra;*.rm;*.ram;*.rmm;*.avi;*.mpg"
    Files.Pattern = "*." & cmbFileTypes.Text
End If
End Sub

Compatible files are played when the user clicks on a file in the FileListBox:

Private Sub Files_Click()

If Len(Folders.Path) = 3 Then
    frmVideoform.Videoscreen.FileName = Folders.Path & Files.FileName
    frmVideoform.Videoscreen.FileName = Folders.Path & "\" & Files.FileName
End If

End Sub

When the FileName property of the Windows Media Player control (Videoscreen) is set, it starts playing automatically.

Here is the code for the Help menu items and the Click event for chkRepeat:

Private Sub mnuhelpAbout_Click()
MsgBox "List Media Player V.1.00" & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & "Previously known as WARM - WAV, AVI, RMI, MID", vbInformation, "About List Media Player"
End Sub

Private Sub mnuhelpWhatToDo_Click()
MsgBox "Choose the location of the files with the folder and drive controls and then click on a filename in the filename list box.", vbQuestion, "What to do"
End Sub

Private Sub chkrepeat_Click()
If chkRepeat.Value = vbChecked Then
    frmVideoform.Videoscreen.PlayCount = 0
    frmVideoform.Videoscreen.PlayCount = 1
End If
End Sub

If chkRepeat is detected as being checked, the Windows Media Player control is set to repeat the song by setting the PlayCount property to 0.

When the program closes, frmVideoform is unloaded and settings are saved to the registry:

Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)
Unload frmVideoform
SaveSetting "Martin Allen", "WARM2", "FileType", cmbFileTypes.ListIndex
SaveSetting "Martin Allen", "WARM2", "Repeat", chkRepeat.Value
SaveSetting "Martin Allen", "WARM2", "Path", Folders.Path
End Sub

Here is the code for the second Form.  In the Form_Load event, the Form is set to being the topmost above other windows by using the TopMost method of the Allen control:

Private Sub Form_Load()
frmMainmedia.Allen.TopMost frmVideoform, True
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Resize()
If WindowState = 1 Then Exit Sub
Videoscreen.Top = 0
Videoscreen.Left = 0
Videoscreen.Height = frmVideoform.ScaleHeight
Videoscreen.Width = frmVideoform.ScaleWidth
End Sub

Private Sub Videoscreen_DisplayModeChange()
Left = Videoscreen.Left
Top = Videoscreen.Top
Height = Videoscreen.Height
Width = Videoscreen.Width
End Sub

Private Sub Videoscreen_GotFocus()
End Sub

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