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From: Saji john
Date: Thursday 12 July 2001 3:59 AM
Subject: Hi
Question: Hi Mallen

I have been assingned to create a notepad as a project in Visual Basic.
Actually I would like to know how should I start off with it, I am confused as to where to start from, pls do help me regarding this


Saji John

Answer by Martin Allen:

Open the Notepad program that comes with Windows and take a look at how they have done it.  You will see a TextBox which has its top and left properties set to 0.  To keep the text area the same size as the window, use this code:

Private Sub Form_Resize()
If WindowState = 1 Then Exit Sub
Text1.Width = ScaleWidth
Text1.Height = ScaleHeight
End Sub

Set the Multiline property to True and the Scrollbars property to 2.

To save files, use this code:

Open Filename For Output As #1
    Print #1, Text1.Text
Close #1

To open files, use this code:

Open Filename For Input As #1
    Text1.Text = StrConv(InputB(LOF(1), 1), vbUnicode)
Close #1

Remember that TextBoxes can only hold a maximum of about 60k of text, so using an RichTextBox might be a better idea.

Here is a function I wrote for finding text in a TextBox, which you could use.  FindMode should be set to True if you want a message box displayed.  r is the TextBox object.  Change txtFind with the TextBox or string variable of the word to be searched for.  The function highlights the word if it is found and returns the SelStart property of the found word.  If no word is found, -1 is returned.  You should replace '<Program name>' with the name of your program.

Function FindIt(FindMode As Boolean, r As Object) As Long
i As Long, s As String, s2 As String
If chkCase.value = 1 Then
    s = txtFind.Text
    s2 = r.Text
    s = LCase(txtFind.Text)
    s2 = LCase(r.Text)
End If

If r.SelStart = 0 And r.SelLength = 0 Then
    i = InStr(r.SelStart + 1, s2, s)
    i = InStr(r.SelStart + 2, s2, s)
End If

If i <> 0 Then
    r.SelStart = i - 1
    r.SelLength = Len(s)
    FindIt = r.SelStart
FindMode = True Then
        MsgBox "<Program name> has finished searching", vbInformation, "Find"
        r.SelStart = 0
        FindIt = -1
        FindIt = -1
    End If
End If
End Function

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