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From: Josh Buckley
Date: Saturday, August 13, 2005 at 22:16:50
Question: Name or program: InternetTV

Description: A program to view free streams of television channels from the internet in WMV, Quicktime, and Real formats. The channels will be listed in a database, and be selectable via an epg (like sky/ntl/dtt epg; now+next programme listings via RSS where available). Fullscreen option. Faviourites list option. Database updatable over the internet.

Purpose: To allow easy viewing of multiple internet tv streams in one place

Output required: Database must be saved (in any format) if updated over internet.

Favourite channels saved as *.itf in any database format

Other Information: I dont want this made, but i have been asked to build this programme for a fee, and want a professional opinion on what price i should be looking at.

Answer by Martin Allen:

Thank you for your post and sorry about the delay in replying.

It is difficult for me to answer your question because there are a lot of factors that affect how much you should charge. If you are making it for a big company, then you should be able to charge quite a high rate e.g. 250 a day or 60 an hour for example. These are two prices I found by doing a Google search. If you are making it for a home user, then charging this much would most likely be unaffordable, so you would have to think about how much they would be able to spend. Also, if your living depends on making programs for other people, then you need to charge an amount that is enough for you to live on for the duration of the project.

There is a lot of money to be made writing software, especially if you have the skill to make the program you described. Good luck and I would be interested to know what you decide to do.

Reply by Josh Buckley

Ok, thanks for your reply.

The person who this is for is a home user, but there was a misunderstanding between us. He didn't want the program to be made for him, but as a suggestion for me to be able to build, and sell such an application.

As I program for a hobby, and if i write this program unrequested, hopefully i would be able to sell it for a smallish fee, possibly changing the cost dependant upon included features.

Your reply has been very useful, i didnt mind waiting a while for it.

Thank you again for your reply,

Josh Buckley

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