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ActiveX Control

Combo DropDown Height Control is another ActiveX control that I made because I wanted to increase the height of the combo's dropdown.  There is only one method - .ComboDDHeight.  You can read its text file here, or download it here.


If you want to increase the height that the ComboBox drops down:

The combobox's drop down height has changed

The code for this is simple:

ComboTool1.ComboDDHeight Me, Combo1, 400

'Me' is the name of the form that the ComboBox is on, 'Combo1' is the name of the ComboBox and '400' the the height in pixels of the drop down area.  If you want to use method with a ComboBox in a Frame or other container, you will have to do something different:

ComboTool1.ComboDDHeight Frame1.Container, Combo1, 400
Combo2.Top = 480
Combo2.Left = 600
Combo2.Width = 4695

The Frame or PictureBox that contains the ComboBox needs to be used in place of the form (Me) with the .Container property.  After that, you will need to set the position of the ComboBox again (for reasons unknown to me) including the .Top, .Left and .Width property.  Alternatively, you could just place the ComboBox over the frame instead of inside it, which would probably be easier.

Archived Comments

From: Michelle
Date: Thursday, December 22, 2005 at 17:35:47
Comments: Thank you for the comment regarding the container.  I couldn't get similar solutions to work and the reason was because my comboboxes were in a frame.  Once I placed them on top of the frame - all was good!
From: Jay Eliezer dela Calzada
Date: Wednesday, September 3, 2003 at 02:56:34
Comments: I like the combo dropdown height control but I need some other codes to learn.

Thank you!

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