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From: younes gourmaje
Date: Sunday 24 February 2002 3:37 PM
Subject: HELP
Question: i need to use a 'dataenvironmemt' in my vb project.
thanks for helping me !!!!

To add a Data Environment, click on 'Add Data Environment' in the 'Project' menu.

Archived Comments

From: prashant
Date: Monday, February 22, 2010 at 13:47:06
Comments: Click on Project > Components > Designers > Data Environment
From: Zelman Clock
Date: Monday, February 16, 2009 at 11:24:36
Comments: to aznur just put ADODC property in your VB then its properties use jet ole 4.0 and build the connection
From: arniel
Date: Tuesday, November 25, 2008 at 03:49:22

you can link your m.access by using adodc connection, right click the adodc then click properties select connection string then click m.access then select the drive where your m.access was place after that set all the connections to the objects that you want. you can use also adodb connection here is the coding :

dim adoconnection as ADODB.Connection
dim adorecordset as ADODB.Recordset

'this is for your adoconnection
set adoconnection = new ADODB.Connection adoconnection.ConnectionString = "DSN = databaseName;"

'for your recordset
set adorecordset = new ADODB.Recordset adorecordset.CursorLocation = adUseclient "Select * From Table_Name",adoconnection,adOpenKeyset, , adcmdtable

i think it can help a little..

From: O.c
Date: Tuesday, April 1, 2008 at 19:12:32
Comments: i added a data environ. from a existin project i got from my mentor...using add file...simple
From: Ness
Date: Wednesday, January 5, 2005 at 13:22:57
Comments: i tried to add data environment but i dont have it on my project menu.
What should i do? my vb is ver. 6, working model
Reply: Unfortunately you cannot add Data Environments with your edition of Visual Basic 6.0.
From: George
Date: Thursday, November 18, 2004 at 06:10:15
Comments: u can add data envirnment by  clicking right click on the project name
choose add \ data environment
From: Ima
Date: Saturday, February 28, 2004 at 08:47:25
Comments: i need to use add data environment in my vb project. i know that i have to add a Data Environment, click on 'Add Data Environment' in the 'Project' menu but in my project menu no 'Add Data Environment' even in DESIGNER in components menu.
Reply: Data Environments might not be available to all editions of Visual Basic 6.0.  What edition do you have (i.e. Learner, Professional or Enterprise)?
From: dodi
Date: Friday, November 28, 2003 at 04:41:01
Comments: pleaseeeeee
send me how to link the vb with maccess
From: Jithesh
Date: Saturday, November 8, 2003 at 03:43:21
Comments: how I can use a data report by some calculations to be made on the fields using ADODB
From: kilon mehta
Date: Sunday, August 24, 2003 at 08:18:52
Comments: Can i print reports in two different languages?
My database is stored in MS-Access.
My front end is vb
I use Data report for providing reports.
I do have fonts related to both languages.
Pl. help me.
From: aznur
Date: Monday, March 31, 2003 at 06:18:59
Comments: please send me how to link the VB with m.access in the simple ways..

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