How do I change one colour to another in a picture?



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From: Jacobs, Phillip E.
Date: Monday 11 February 2002 4:57 PM
Subject: Question
Question: Hello, I was wondering if you could direct me to a good source for intro to intermediate level graphics editing with VB?  What I am trying to do sounds simple, but I have been unable to figure it out.  I would like to simply switch one color in a graphic to another. All the red in a graphic to blue, something like that.  Thank you for your time. -Phil

I have found a project that does this on

The source code looks quite complicated, so good luck!

You might be able to find more examples here:

There is also a book called Visual Basic Graphics Programming from this site:

Reply: Thank you very much Martin for your help and suggestions.  You are right about the source code, but who knows maybe I'll get lucky.  Sounds like it might be a good idea to pick up a copy of the graphics book.  Might make things a little easier.  Once again thank you very much. -Phil

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