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Beginner Tips

  1. Creating a Standard EXE Project
  2. My First Program
  3. Using the If Statement
  4. Using 'Loop' Statements
  5. Using For...Next Statements
  6. The CommandButton Control
  7. How to create a UDF (User Defined Function) by scott
  8. How to Move a Shape by mahesh
  9. How to Scroll Text by Hamza Chohan
  10. How to Scroll a Form's Title Bar Text by MUZMMAL YASEEN

Advanced Tips

  1. See if Files, Folders and Drives Exist
  2. Put Big and Small Icons from Files, Folders and Drives into Picture Boxes
  3. AVG Scan Context Menu Editor by Sena
  4. How to Open Access Reports in Visual Basic 6.0 by hamzajhang

ActiveX Controls


  1. Allen OCX
  2. Combo DropDown Height Control
  3. Configuration File
  4. Directory Dialog
  5. ezVidCap Component by Ray Mercer (VB6)
  6. File Search
  7. Folder Dialog/Browser by Sena
  8. Kupex INI Tools
  9. List Box API Functions
  10. Richtextbox Hyperlink Control


How to make the programs listed below including source code:

  1. Autorun
  2. Clock
  3. Day Discoverer
  4. Extension Discoverer
  5. File Viewer
  6. List Media Player


  1. Where can I find help with Visual Basic 6.0?
  2. Can you add more tips to your site?
  3. Can I add voice recognition to my program?
  4. How do I refuse access after three incorrect passwords?
  5. What code can I use in a scientific calculator program?
  6. How do I display pictures using a ListBox?
  7. How do I use charts in Visual Basic?
  8. How do I show a symbol relevant to the current ListBox selection?
  9. Where can I find the strings after compilation?
  10. How do I add pictures to menu items?
  11. How do I use inverse tangents?
  12. How do I change one colour to another in a picture?
  13. How do I use the ezVidCap control?
  14. How do I add a Data Environment to my project?
  15. I need help with my project!
  16. How do you save JPEG images?
  17. What steps need to be taken to create an ActiveX Control?
  18. How do I show a modal form in the taskbar?
  19. How do I resize MDI Child Forms?
  20. How do I generate a random number?
  21. How do I generate a list of random numbers, which are all different?
  22. How do I write filenames to a text file?
  23. I Can't Install My Program in Windows NT/2000
  24. How do I get an 'Undo' command to work?
  25. Is it possible to decompile compiled Visual Basic programs?
  26. How much should I charge to write software for other people?
  27. I want to create a Notepad program
  28. How do I associate a help file with my program and then call it from a menu?
  29. How do I conditionally format a TextBox?
  30. How do I search for files and replace strings within them?
  31. I need code to calculate interest on a savings account
  32. How do I randomly sort questions from a database?
  33. Why can I not load the Windows Media Player control (msdxm.ocx)?
  34. How do I create a program, which draws asterisks (*), one on the next line from the number on the last?
  35. I am trying to create a simulated chess board.
  36. Can I use a picture for the background in the ListBox control?
  37. How do I pause execution until file has finished playing using the MediaPlayer control?
  38. How do I play a video file in full screen?

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