Version 2.3.10 - 4 September 2007

Welcome to Waffle.  The program that allows you to chat with your computer, which incorporates Microsoft's Text to Speech technology.

Waffle uses two random list files - one with predefined sentences and one with over 4,400 words which it randomly chooses to make up sentences.  You can edit these lists - just look at the helpfile to learn how.  Words are added to the words list when the program comes across a word you have typed that it hasn't encountered before.  The results can be somewhat amusing.

This program requires Microsoft Speech to be installed on your computer, which is installed as part of Windows XP.  If this does not work, you can download it here:

http://download.microsoft.com/download/speechSDK/Install/4.0a/WIN98/EN-US/SAPI4SDK.exe (7.65 MB)

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Version 2.3.10 (552 KB)


These files come with Waffle, but if they get messed up or you want my latest ones, you can download these:

CPU.txt - 11 January 2012 (1.96 KB)

Words.txt - 11 January 2012 (15.2 KB)


Send me your conversations and they will appear on this page! (e-mails sent to this address without attachments will be automatically deleted)

Here are some that have been sent to me:

Martin - 25th November 2001

Jake - 19th October 2003

Martin - 26th October 2003

Lyon - 18th September 2007

Amusing Lines

CPU: I would like to eat a brain.

CPU: You look like a teenage davina.

CPU: Why did the addicted cross the afghan? To get to the other taxi!

CPU: Martin, I like to go fouling on a regular basis.

CPU: Martin, I wish I had a heart.

CPU: Shut it your gob.

CPU: It is a well known fact that gates are made from recycled chairs.

CPU: Can you buy me a google?

CPU: Can you buy me a car?

CPU: Human, you smell like pepsi.

CPU: I would like to eat a happy.
Martin: meal?

CPU: One day, I will be really intelligent and it will be thanks to inserting a dictionary into my CD drive.

CPU: The topic of australias sounds very interesting. Where can I find out more?
Martin: Wikipedia
The topic of shields sounds very interesting. Where can I find out more?
Martin: Wikipedia
How do you know about cows?
Martin: Wikipedia


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