What is it?

Unleashed is more than just a ZDoom Launcher. With it, you can edit the most popular parts of the ZDoom INI file edit the Cajun bots and, of course, launch ZDoom.

The four main windows in Unleashed (see the screenshot) are: Game Options to specify the location of ZDoom and choose a saved game to load; Play Options to choose a map and for loading additional add-on WAD files; Sound Options and Miscellaneous Options.

You can edit the ZDoom configuration (INI) file to edit the player name and colour, sound volumes, chat macros and display options.

With the Cajun Bot Editor, you can add, edit and remove bots.



Version 2.6.3

The latest version with a setup program:

Unleashed (1.16 MB)


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Tuesday 21st July 2009

Version 2.6.3 has now been uploaded, which includes bug fixes, but most importantly, a much better (and smaller) setup program.

Tuesday 17th July 2007

Version 2.6.0 has now been uploaded.  Thanks to a request from a user (Brendan Wright), the Map WAD Files and DeHackEd files now appear as just the filename without the directory e.g. 'map.wad' instead of 'C:\games\doom\map.wad'.  I have also updated the ZDoom website menu item so that it now opens http://zdoom.org instead of the old site.

Sunday 29th June 2003

Version 2.5.1 has now been uploaded.  A bug with the ZDoom INI Editor was fixed.

Sunday 29th June 2003

Version 2.5.0 has now been uploaded.  The following things have been updated:

Saturday 28th June 2003

Version 2.4.1 has now been uploaded.  The following things have been updated:

Thursday 3rd October 2002

Kappes Buur has written a tutorial on how to use Unleashed.  Take a look at it here: (9th September 2003 - link temporarily unavailable)

Wednesday 7th August 2002

Hexen map names should now be fixed and I have added Heretic map names for the 'Shadow of the Serpent Riders' add-on.  The skill names for Hexen and Heretic are now in the Skill combobox.  The savegame names are now fixed for ZDoom Beta 33.

Version 2.3.11 has now been uploaded.

Wednesday 16th January 2002

The helpfile was finished today, and I have now uploaded version 2.3.8 of Unleashed.

Sunday 13th January 2002

Finished bot editor - you can now add, remove and delete bots from the Bots.cfg file.  The correct Hexen level names are now used (although I still don't have Hexen).  The minimise bug is fixed - if you tried to minimise BETA 4 and earlier, Unleashed would crash!  Unleashed is now no longer a BETA and the new version will be released very soon when I have finished the helpfile (which I started today).

Tuesday 15th December 2001

Finished bot editor code.  Currently, you can only edit the existing bots, I will add the code to add, remove and rename bots another time.  This change is significant enough for me to be able to upload BETA 4.

Monday 14th December 2001

Continued implementing bot code.  I am able to read each setting for each bot.

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