HTML Editor

18th January 2001, Version 1.02.0007
The HTML Editor allows people with a good to expert knowledge of the HTML web page programming language to easily create and edit HTML files. If you want to learn the HTML language, you should also give this a try. It allows easy creation of the following web page features using the dialog boxes from the menus:

Cell properties
Horizontal Rule

See your web page WHILE you are typing in the HTML code with the auto-update option!

This program will change the way in which YOU make web pages forever!

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This page was first made by the HTML Editor, but it shows only a fraction of what you can do.
Please contact me for more information

Changes made since version 1.02.0006 - 22/12/2000

- Bugs fixed including update when file opens

Changes made since version 1.02.0002 - 28/11/2000

- Ctrl+Q for marquee instead of Ctrl+M (Ctrl+M didn't work for some reason)

- Splash screen

- Minor bugs fixed including the 'last line of HTML uses a different font' bug

- Errors in helpfile changed

- Browser no longer returns to top when page updates

Martin Allen 2000 - 2001