Martin Allen 1999 - 2001 / Thursday 25th January 2001
This program allows your CD-ROM drive to use it's autorun feature even with 'Auto insert notification' off. The CD that you use must have the file Autorun.inf file in the root of the CD in order for this program to work. If the program does not have Autorun.inf, a dialog will be shown listing the EXE files on the root of the CD (see autorun.gif). If the program is an audio CD, the Deluxe CD player will be run or the standard CD player if the Deluxe CD player is not installed on your system. You can also run your DVD video player.

To set up your CD audio and DVD video player, use the /c parameter after autorun e.g. autorun.exe /c.

Usage: autorun <driveletter>:

If you do not supply a drive letter, drive D: will be used.


Changes since version 2.03.0002

- Close bug fixed after running an audio CD or video DVD
Martin Allen 1999 - 2001